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Reputation (Review) Management Software

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Get more positive reviews! Make it easy for customers to see and leave reviews for you via your website, email, and text.

What is it?

It's an online software toolkit that allows you to manage the full life-cycle of your reviews for your brand, including reviews from popular sites like Google, Yelp, and Angie's list (and more!).  Create email or text campaigns to ask for reviews from existing customers or those you just worked with, respond to the reviews all in one place and address any bad reviews before they are posted to third-party sites!

How it works?

We will get you all set up and rolling with it and support you along the way.  You'll respond to reviews and add customers to the campaign as you work with them and the system will do the rest!

Want more information?

Head to our website, enter your email and click the "Get Started" button.  Under the Services menu, you'll find a listing for Reputation (Review) Management.  Take a look.  

Feel free to contact us anytime, or use our free consultation calendar to set up a time to talk over the phone or Zoom.



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* Price is 125/month with 250 set up, all BizX.


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