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Pumpkin Spice Mocca Shot

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Focus when you need it - Vegan, Gluten free, non-GMO, Local!

When you need to be alert and focused fast, Mocca Shots High Energy Gummies work 5x faster than coffee at half the price. The combination of caffeine, vitamin B complex and herbal actives boosts energy, improves focus and enhances cognitive performance with no jittery side effects of caffeine, so you can Get ____ Done! anytime, anywhere.

Caffeinated beverages takes 45 minutes to be digested and absorbed through the small intestine. Caffeine in Mocca Shots dissolves and absorbs quickly through the tissues of the mouth and esophagus allowing you to feel the full caffeine kick within minutes!


  • One pack = 2 coffees (200mg natural caffeine)
  • Works 5x faster than coffee
  • No caffeine jittery
  • Enhances cognitive performance
  • Delicious taste of real dark chocolate
  • Vitamin B complex boosts performance
  • Convenient- take it anytime, anywhere

Please choose between Salted Caramel, Mint Chocolate or Dutch Chocolate

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