Aldrich 56 Walnut Semi-Gloss Upright Piano

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*The Stay-at-Home Sale*
Now is a great time to stay home and play the piano.

Price Temporarily Reduced to $1,775 from Original Price of $1,875.

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**Financing and payment plan available. Please call to inquire about details.**

-High-end, renowned Aldrich brand
-Gorgeous walnut semi-gloss case (newly refinished)
- 56" in height
-Originally made in 1942 (recently restored)
-Has a warm, strong tone (with new hammers), and a medium-light easy touch
-Excellent bass

Dimensions: 56" in height, 64" in width, 28" in depth

- Original ebony keys

Comes with:
- Free moving
- 3-month warranty
- Matching bench

Tuning, warranty, and moving for local purchases. Please inquire about the details.
Detailing work includes full inspection, complete cleaning, tuning, regulation, and voicing as needed.


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