Semi-Automatic Table Top Banding Machine

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The WK02-30 Semi-Automatic Table Top Banding Machine allows you to band your product without damaging the corners or edges of it. Applications that commonly use this form of unitizing include printing, graphic, currency industries, pharmacy and dairy.

This banding machine uses a heating system to bond the paper bands together to form a clean, tight seal around your product.

Paper bands are wrapped around the product, instead of plastic strapping. The advantage of using paper bands is that you do not need a cutting tool to remove them, and printing can be done directly on them, eliminating the need for separate labels.  If using transparent banding, product can be seen thru them.

WK02-30 Table Top Banding Machine Features & Benefits:

  • Semi-Automatic operation with bottom seal.
  • Comes in box, ready to use
  • Adjustable mechanical tension.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Wide variety of banding materials available.



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