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Remote Teams That ROCK! Workshop Facilitation

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TARGET AUDIENCE: People who are now working in virtual teams who thought it would be "back to normal" by now. 🤣

We will demonstrate that permanent virtual teams CAN build strong relationships, trust, good communication, and persistent plans . . . and execute with excellence. 

Communication skills are among the most powerful tools available to leaders. Study after study reveals that communication skills are one of the top skills required for success in life and on the job. In fact, the #2 reason global teams don’t achieve their goals is due to ineffective communication. (The #1 reason is that they fail to build trusting relationships, which ALSO depends on skillful communication!) And VIRTUAL communication creates huge, but NOT insurmountable, challenges.

First step? Learn to use the tools! Start with Zoom as it's the easiest and most powerful for global virtual teams. Add in a dose of Google Docs/Sheets/Slides to amplify the power of your team to work in parallel.

  • Think you can't engage and connect meaningfully virtually? You can! We'll prove it.
  • Tackle complex problems and make decisions together by interacting visually.
  • Work in massively parallel ways that will make you wonder if virtual is better than live!
  • Learn to lead effectively in this virtual world by engaging & connecting to people.

DURATION: 60 minute appetizer - 90 - 120 - halfday - full day.

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