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Engaging Virtual Meeting Conference 3.0

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Do you have Zoom fatigue?

Are you tired of logging into meetings with turned off attendees?

Are you running out of new ideas for your virtual meetings?

Based on the new Wiley book “Engaging Virtual Meetings”, this conference features 9 of the top virtual speakers in the world.  At this conference you will learn the 6-step ENGAGE method.  The ENGAGE method is openers, games and activities to boost energy, productivity, participation and more!

ENGAGE gets your people to turn on their cameras

ENGAGE gets the quiet people (and everyone) to collaborate

ENGAGE solves attendees talking over each other

ENGAGE shows mind-blowing tools for your virtual meetings

ENGAGE shows you practical ways to create and lead your own engaging virtual meetings

You get a signed copy of "Engaging Virtual Meetings", an Engaging Virtual Meetings Toolkit with over 24 items, links to over 40 hours of virtual training, and a code to register for the 4 day Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference



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