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NapolitanoSpa Microcurrent or Photorejuvenation 6 - Gift Certificate

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Photorejuvenation or Microcurrent Treatments--Series of 6 Treatments


Laboratory studies have shown that skin cells grow 150-200 percent faster when exposed to certain LED light wavelengths. Independent research for over 40 years has shown LED red and infrared light delivers powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissue. Both visible red and infrared light has been shown to affect at least 24 different positive changes at a deep level. LED light is very beneficial in treating problems close to the skins surface such as wounds, cuts, and scars. Skin layers, because of their high blood and water content, absorb red light very readily and deliver enough energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself.


Microcurrent technology has been at the forefront of the battle against aging for several decades. Since its inception in the early 70's, through today's progressive developments, celebrities and common people alike have touted microcurrent treatments as the true "fountain of youth". With a well documented origin in medical use and seemingly endless esthetic benefits, including acne healing and muscle toning.

The intimate studio on Queen Anne Avenue inside the Seattle Gym Building is the perfect location and energy for Mary and her talented team. 

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