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Paper Magic Tricks - the magic kit you print at home

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Paper Magic Tricks is a collection of simple, amazing magic tricks that you can learn, make, and perform with nothing more than printed paper, scissors, and glue. Perfect for a winter activity by yourself or with a friend.Paper Magic is taught by professional magician Jeff Evans and recommended for ages 8 and up. The tricks aren’t just for kids, though. Anyone who is fascinated by magic and wants to be able to amaze and entertain others will like this creative challenge.

The Paper Magic Tricks course includes nine lessons, each one teaching a magic trick, stunt, or routine. Everything is designed to be easy to make. A person who is comfortable using scissors will be able to make all the required pieces. Performing and presenting them will take some practice, but that’s also where your creativity and imagination can come into play!

Learn more at Purchase instant access to the complete course for $45. This includes access to all of the performance and explanation videos, plus unlimited prints of the PDF files.  That’s less than $5/lesson! 

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