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LinkedIn (Virtual/Zoom) Workshop

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**This was a limited time workshop. Click the link below to purchase the recording of the most recent workshop**


- Master the profile. Your profile is the all-important first impression. If done right, it will result in more connections, more calls and more business. 

Use LinkedIn to grow your referral network. The strategy, of using LinkedIn to develop and maintain a health and thriving referral network, isn't magic...but it feels like magic when you are seeing a steady flow of referrals. 

- Connect with the right people, the right way! Connecting with people the right way, will lead to more positive conversations and more business. Get off on the right foot!

- Turn those connections into money. You probably have LinkedIn connections already and want to get more. What do you do with them? We show you ow turn those connections into money. 

- 5 strategies that you can use to grow your business using LinkedIn’s free tools.

The workshop is three hours long. 2.5 hours of training and 1/2 hour of Q&A. It's also recorded and you get a copy afterwards. Continue to work and improve your listing position! 

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