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10 Day Health Program

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Hello I am (lis-nee) Lysne Nolte, I have personally struggled with people saying I can't do something toward achieving a goal.
Despite personal setbacks, I have always found a way to accomplish my goals through determination and persistence to get my health on track for a long and happy future. I am happy to announce from July 5, 2020 to November 2020 I managed to lose 45lbs and keep it off for good. 

I have discovered how nutrition is at the heart of diseases that are not contagious and transferable to other's, called, non-communicable diseases (NCD); such as cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, strokes, chronic kidney disease and of course obesity. I have created my own personalized program to hack into longevity to become a healthier and vibrant YOU! I specialize in type II diabetes, diverticulitis, and weight-loss management. However, my virtual 10-day group course is a simple educational tool to empower your every day for only $25.00

Eat for the health you want... commit to your future!

Find out how 10 days can improve your life.
I look forward to talking with you,

Lysne Nolte, CHP
[email protected]


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