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Introduction to "Design Thinking" - It's Not Just "Thinking About Design"!

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TARGET AUDIENCE: Teams who are committed to adopting proven methodologies and approaches to "innovating on purpose".

DESCRIPTION: Design Thinking, popularized by IDEO and the Stanford University d.School, is an incredibly valuable innovation methodology for achieving unprecedented results in product development, project management, business leadership, and beyond. While it’s natural to assume that design thinking would mean “thinking about design” - and that does describe some of what goes on in this process - that’s somewhat misleading. A “leap year” isn’t a whole year of leaping, and design thinking is more than design. It is an approach that goes beyond problem-solving to “thinking from the future” in order to invent solutions that would be difficult to discover by problem-centric approaches.

Start with the Big WHY (purpose). Explore the Big WHO (stakeholders). Imagine a clear and vivid images of the Big WHAT (goals) and MEASURES of "Success" before brainstorming the Big HOW (milestones and actions) to bring that future into reality. Done collectively, this builds real commitment from the team, and greatly accelerates progress on EXECUTION with EXCELLENCE!

Never lecture, our workshops are highly interactive, engaging experiences where people practice, learn and grow together. And they are FUN!

DURATION: 60 minute appetizer - 90 - 120 - halfday - full day.

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