Custom Branded Pop Sockets

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PopSockets are awesome smartphone accessories for everyone. What exactly is a PopSocket and what are they used for?

Have you seen one of those weird circular discs slapped on the back of someone's phone? Chances are, that's a PopSocket. They're hugely popular and another great way to get your brand out there!  These are inexpensive swag goodies or stocking stuffers for the whole staff or giveaways at the front desk for customers in your shop.

Black or White base/face

1-4 Color Imprint included

There are several price ranges based on quantity ordered (minimum order of 100):

#100-499 $5 each

#500-999 $4.75 each

>#1000 $4.50 each

Prices include shipping, tax and logo process

Please chose quantity price range when purchasing, BizX Team will reach out with getting the logo and exact quantity once order is placed.



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