"Grade Safe" Bi-Weekly Executive Reporting for Students in Online Schooling

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Grade Safe Reports add crucial support where students struggling in virtual learning need it. Your Grade Safe Report contains teacher feedback, to-do lists, projected grades, semester calendars with important dates, and other resources. Easy-to-understand executive reporting improves performance.

  • Provide Structure
  • Clarify Expectations
  • Reinforce Deadlines
  • Enhance Organization
  • Emphasize Feedback
  • Empower Intervention
  • Promote Teacher-to-Parent Communication

Sign up for a bi-weekly report ($10/month) emailed directly, before morning coffee. Our admin team guides you through creating an observer account in Canvas/Google-Classroom/Schoology for PNW public and private school (SPS, PPS, BPS, etc.) Learning Management Systems (LMS).


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