Pre-Manufactured House KIT

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Pre-Manufactured Home For Sale on UC. 807 square feet, 3 Bedrooms/1 Bathroom. Could be delivered anywhere in US! (delivery charges depend on distance). Only the house structure is included. Construction and finishes are responsibility of the buyer. 
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Price: $35,000 UC. Only 2 available 
Cash Costs: $3000 Mexican Taxes-Shipping 
to the Border Point of Entry at Otay Mesa CA. 


Pre-Manufactured House kit for sale on UC. 

It’s located at the factory that makes them in Tijuana Baja, Mexico. Price: $35,000, UC  
Mexican taxes-Shipping to Otay Mesa CA (cash $3000). freight shipping from Otay Mesa CA to final destination in the USA is buyers responsibility. 

Just like building a traditional home, the buyer would have to get the plans approved with the city architect/engineer. You would also have to have someone put it together for you. The kit does not include any finishes, just the actual structure. (no doors, windows, no insulation, no appliances, etc.)


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