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Beautiful Herkimer 2 ctwt diamond earrings set in .925 sterling silver

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These beautiful dangle earrings are set with 2 ctwt of herkimer diamonds in .925 sterling silver and measure about one and one half inches. 

The herkimer diamond has mystical meaning to the wearer of the earrings which is as follows: 

Herkimer Diamond is a very high vibrational stone that has become commonly referred to as “The Stone of Attunement”. It’s energies work to put you at ease while in uncomfortable environments and will guide you in the right direction in tough situations. When using this stone in meditation, it assists in attuning the astral realm to the physical realm. Herkimer Quartz’s will raise your telepathic abilities and allow better communication with your spirit guides. They also have capabilities of increasing clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities due to their high frequency. Some users put the quartz in their pillowcase while they sleep claiming long-lasting effects in the dream world.


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