Sicilian Splendors Sailing

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Placed like a stepping-stone between the boot of Italy and the tip of Tunisia, Sicily has been in a cultural tug of war for centuries. Its location at the crossroads of the Mediterranean has attracted merchants, invaders, and immigrants. First the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans. Then Byzantines, Arabs, and Vikings. Finally, Normans, Germans, and Spaniards. In the process, these diverse cultures have seasoned everything from the island’s language to its cuisine. Part European, part African, it’s still Italy, only with cacti and palm trees, souk-like markets, couscous and saffron.

Cash Expenses Per Person

Gratuities - $145
Taxes       - $ 205

NDA       - $345

Availability and pricing are subject to change. You are welcome to purchase hotel, air, transfers, shore excursions, drink package and other items paid via credit card.

If the sailing has to be canceled for COVID reasons, we will cancel the booking and refund guests 100% for their Taxes, NDA & Gratuities. Your BizX credit will be refunded back to your account so you can use it for another cruise or other BizX expenses.

Physical Covid-19 Vaccine Card Required. Go to to get port requirements for Covid-19 testing

Upgrade to an SBS/OS room if available for an additional fee

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