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Think Twice Digital Breathalyzer

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The Alcomate Premium digital breathalyzer is a handheld device that uses a replaceable sensor to eliminate the need for re-calibration.

  • No calibration required!
  • With PRISM technology, Day 1 accuracy and performance is restored with every new sensor.
  • Hundreds of uses per sensor.
  • Free Shipping!

The AlcoMate Premium digital breathalyzer with Prism Technology was developed to improve the way breathalyzers are maintained for function and accuracy. Once the sensor becomes degraded resulting in a loss of accuracy, you can literally remove and discard the existing module containing the sensor and replace it with a newly manufactured, pre-calibrated sensor module in its place. Replacement is quick and easy, and replacing the module is the only way to restore true “day one” accuracy to your device.

With the exception of the AlcoMate Premium, every fuel-cell breathalyzer in the world must be periodically re-calibrated by the manufacturer in order to maintain maximum accurate readings. It is inherent to alcohol sensing technology, much like gasoline engines in cars require oil changes in order to function properly. Most breathalyzers have to be physically mailed to a service center along with a fee to get this re-calibration done.

Sensor modules must be replaced every 200 tests or at least once yearly, whichever comes first. Modules should also be replaced if damaged or expired.


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