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Set out  to fulfill the vision of lingerie for women to feel beautiful all day from the boardroom to the bedroom,  Avery Rose was created out of a need for lingerie that she couldn’t find.  It is the founder and CEO, Jennifer Coll, goal to make Avery Rose more than just a lingerie company. She is inspired daily by the women she works with and employs and is creating a foundation to give back, support and empower other women around the world.

Jennifer chooses to have Avery Rose designed, crafted and hand made in Los Angeles and New York, ensuring the quality and fit are of the highest standards. Equally important is the decision to manufacture solely in the United States. Jennifer is committed  to hiring Americans and keeping the environmental global impact to a minimum. Central to Avery Rose's values is aligning her vision with her mission. Making the world a better place for women as well as preserving the Earth's resources.




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