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Hourglass Escapes Group Escape Room, Online or Virtual Events

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Hourglass Escapes is a benchmark in Seattle, hosting themed escape room games and other family-friendly activities. Each game is a complete story requiring team members to use their wits and clues found in the room to solve all challenges in 60 minutes or less and complete the story.

RISE of the MAD PHARAOH: Become the archaeologist your inner-child has always dreamed of with our Egyptian escape room. With just your wits, clues from crates of artifacts, and notes from the trapped archaeologist, you must solve puzzles, discover mysteries, and help free Dr. Carter from his certain grave.

EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN: Our paranormal escape room sends you and your fellow paranormal investigators on a mission to the Knowby Cabin, which has materialized within the walls of the Archaeological Society.


Ages 13+, check on line for requirements for each game

In Person Certificate: Good for up to 26 players, all 3 rooms simultaneously

Virtual Certificate: Good for up to 25 virtual players, Rise of the Mad Pharaoh ONLY

Book online at with certificate code



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