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NW Spring League High-School Football Tournament Sponsorship

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High-profile sponsorship opportunities for the NW Spring League, a football tournament including the best high school athletes in the region. The Spring League is a great opportunity for any business that would want to align itself with current and future stars, as well as a great way to reach a captive targeted audience.

2022 sponsorship opportunities for the Sunday, May 1st game and the Sunday May 29 game.

Average in person attendance per game: 1,500

Streaming audience: 10,000

Social media impressions: 2.1 million

"The importance of practice for HS athletes has become something that is non-existent over the last decade. The Spring League will bring back the old school mentality of practicing being everything, because if they miss practice here, they will not play. If they are not performing well in the classroom or at practice ... they will not play. Because everyone is good. So we want to bring this type of mentality back, because how you do one thing is how you all, and we want these kids to understand the importance of doing the little things right because that is what is going to help them be successful in life." -- Tracy Ford, CEO, Ford Sports Performance.


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