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The Ultimate College Application Course

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You’ve seen your friends, siblings, and other family members go through the stressful admissions process. You’re excited, but also a little anxious because you know how important an admissions-ready college application is.

You have no idea where you are or what you need for your applications.

You feel like you’re dropping the ball.

Your parents are looking to you for due dates, but you have no idea yourself.

You’re constantly getting emails and pamphlets with broad and sort of useless info.

And then there are the essays… 😫🤨🙄😖😭

What if I told you that you could...

  • Focus on the applications without being stressed about what you need to complete them
  • Cut down on overwhelm and uncertainty
  • Sort the useful info from the fluff
  • Free up HOURS of time by getting the ball rolling now
  • Save a ton of money and make college affordable

I know that the college admissions process can be very confusing and overwhelming. If you don’t have a plan to follow or a checklist to mark to make sure you have every single thing you need for your applications, the process can be very daunting. Without guidance and support, it is very easy to make mistakes that can cause you to miss out on being admitted to your top college picks.

This course comes with videos, PDFs, and other resources to help you complete your essays, applications, and financial paperwork more easily. There is a LOT to college applications, but don’t worry, because I will walk you through the entire process, one thing at a time.


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