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Doterra Island Mint 15 ml Essential oil Summertime Blend (54) reviews

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Summertime means summer vacations, and Island Mint essential oil blend was formulated to emulate the aromas of sunshine. When you open a bottle of Island Mint oil, its breezy, tropical aroma will transport you to that sunny, piña-colada-rich beach of your dreams. Bring the experience home anytime for a getaway without leaving your house or take it with you anywhere you go. Next time you load up the car with the cooler and beach chairs, make sure your bottle of Island Mint oil makes its way onto the packing list to get your senses excited for the sunny adventures that await!

  1. Should you ever find yourself winding down prematurely amidst a day of summer fun, take a deep breath of the fresh, minty aroma of Island Mint oil straight from the bottle. 
  2. Add one to two drops of Island Mint essential oil blend to a car diffuser or cotton ball and insert into car vents for a stimulating aroma on the way to and from summer activities. 
  3. Diffuse three to four drops of Island Mint oil blend in your home and throw open the windows for a fresh and breezy afternoon experience. 
  4. Transform your bathroom into a fresh island-like escape with this double recipe for DIY Bar Soap and Reed Diffuser using Island Mint and doTERRA Purify essential oils.


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