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Andullation Massage Bed - Made in Germany

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The therapy bed is an andullation bed and can be programmed to select certain medical therapies. Many massage clinics are utilizing this hands free bed and charging $100 for each service. You can acutally program a therapy into the bed and place the patient on the bed and allow them to complete their therapy. When the therapy is complete the serivce is conclued. A massage clinic in Hawaii is charging between $100 and $150 per therapy. This is a brand new product and was made in Germany. It also comes with treatment for the feet which you can utilize seperately or with the bed. An individual can purchase the bed as well an utilize the therapies in the privacy of your own home. The retail price of this bed is $6999 and is being discounted for this sale as this is the only item remaining. This bed is placed and strapped to a massage table and then put together in 4 or 5 easy pieces.  

The shipping will be in cash and will reguire two large packages. A manual is provided to instruct the therapist on the settings. 

Once purchased the bed cannot be returned so please reach out with any questions you may have. You can place your own logo on the top of the head rest.


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