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Ongoing sessions! We're thankful you're continuing Engagement Sessions with us. This alone should prove to yourself that you are always learning, always trying new things, and always evolving. Our Engagement Sessions with you can be onsite at our Mill Creek Studio, or via Zoom.

You get both trainers for the price of one because we’ve refined our own Engagement Coaching to advise and inspire as a team. With our knowledge of The Six Methods of Humor™, we focus on skill-sets such as speech structure, anecdotal stories, kinesthetic memorization techniques, movement & body work, vocal exercises, stage/space usage, tricks with eye contact and verbal pauses. You will immediately see an improvement after even a singular session.

As needed, we also teach about prop utilization, visuals, and optimization of video. Through our improvisational exercises, we’ll help any serious presenter develop the very best message by learning their own mix of humor. We’ll make you more likable, hirable, re-hirable and memorable.

Engagement sessions are 60 minutes. We can work with you on a singular-session basis, or we can tailor packages to fit any speaker’s needs. Most clients purchase between 3-4 sessions in order to have the initial run-through, then at least 2 edit/improvement sessions and a final delivery session where you get to really shine!


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