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Bi Gu Online Course (to Release Excess Weight, Reverse Aging, Enhance Divine Communication, and More)

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Watch the first module of the course (Bi Gu M1 - What & Why) in which Master Mu shares what Bi Gu is and why it is important to practice Bi Gu: Please click HERE.  


  • Body weight optimization
  • Reversal of aging
  • Activation of extrasensory healing abilities
  • Increased connection with the Divine & spiritual enlightenment
  • Healing from diabeteshypertensiondepressioncardiovascular & respiratory diseases
  • Reducing intake of chemicals, pollutants,  & toxins
  • Reduction of stress, worry,  &  other negative emotions

The Benefits of Bi Gu Have Been Proven By Modern Science.

Bi Gu Energy Healing Transmission from Master Mu is a special healing methodology which helps us heal:

  • Weight problem, anemia, acid reflux,  & food allergies;
  • Low energy, diarrhea, fatigue, & poor sleep quality;
  • GERD, indigestion, diabetes, stomach diseases, gastritis, & pancreatic diseases;
  • Excessive worries, absent-mindedness, & loss of interest in life.

The activation of Bi Gu ability can enhance our ability to survive disasters when no food is available.

Many people’s extrasensory abilities and healing powers were activated after entering in a Bi Gu state. Bi Gu has also helped millions lot of people with their spiritual awakening and transformation physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

For details on this course, please click HERE.

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