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Mini Foam Paint Roller Covers - 6 Inches - 2 Pack

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Achieve a smoother finish with ALEKO’s 6-Inch Paint Roller Covers. Designed to provide an even coat of coverage with minimal stipple, these rollers ensure excellent results on your next painting project. Our rollers are constructed to pick up and release more paint than a traditional roller, allowing you to paint faster and deliver a lint-free finish in one coat. Compatible with all types of paint, stains, enamels, varnishes, urethanes, epoxies, alkyd, and semi-gloss latex products. For best results, use on smooth or semi-rough surfaces.


  • Includes: (2) 6-Inch Foam Paint Roller Covers

  • Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 1 Inches (per roller)

  • Color: Orange


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