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curbsidemall Parking Kit

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If you display your products and or services on our platform, you can include the following features for customer success:

Carhop - You will allow consumers to enjoy a meal from the comfort of their car. 

In-Door Pick Up - Allowing customers to pick up their purchase inside your store.

Curbside Delivery - You will bring product out to the curb or designated parking space.

We recommend that you purchase one of our Parking Kits, which is 100% barter. By purchasing our kit, where one parking stand is $139.99, you are designating an area where customers can complete the following tasks above, whether it is enjoying a meal from the comfort of their car, making it easy for a customer to walk inside your store to pick up their purchased items and leave immediately or where they can simply park so you can quickly and easily bring their purchase to them. 

The fact is, there are 50 million Americans who have a disability. There are 90 million Americans who will never get vaccinated, but still want a safer way to shop. There are parents who may have just picked up their child, but asleep in the backseat, but the parent desperately needs milk or other necessities. There is not a better platform that will make it easy to service this targeted audience. 

Give it a try, this will work for you. 

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