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Personal Development Coaching Package

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1:1 Personal Development Coaching Packages

We believe you have the power to change the trajectory of your career, and make a positive impact through your work. If you seek a better work-life balance, want to learn new skills, or wish to succeed in a new leadership position, we can help you get there.

Professional coaching provides great benefits: new perspectives on personal challenges, communicating more dynamically, making better decisions, working more effectively with colleagues and increased confidence. Coaching is a process of gaining knowledge and clarity with a committment to measurable outcomes.


During an initial meeting, True North performs a needs assessment to determine what is happening with you, what you want to accomplish and then we sculpt a customized coaching program for you. Recommendations may include assessments, skill building, interpersonal development assignments, our acclaimed Success Minded Leader program and more.

6-Month Coaching Package

We offer a 6-month (6-Session) coaching package that can help you

Coaching sessions will be scheduled 3-4 weeks apart to ensure you have the time to apply new skills and strategies and build on your success.

CANCELLATIONS: Should you need to change the date/time of a scheduled coaching session, you will need to do so with 24-hour prior notice, otherwise you will forfeit the session in full. We will make reasonable efforts to reschedule sessions that are cancelled in a timely manner.


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