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The LeMay Collections at Marymount is a non-profit organization, with the vision of preserving and showcasing America's artifacts for future generations. Located on 88 acres, we are housed in historic Marymount Military Academy and maintain one of the largest vehicle collections in the world. In addition to our vehicle collection, we house collections of historic industrial equipment (ranging from a collection of typewriters to vintage radios), American memorabilia, neon signs, and even a Rodin Sculpture Garden.

The LeMay Collections are diverse, evolving, and full of opportunity when it comes to preserving and showcasing the items we have.

Above and beyond the physical items we house, Marymount has become a community gathering place. Between the museum, our community events, the private events we host, and the amazing volunteer program that supports our day-to-day operations, we are a place in which memories are created and reflected upon, a place where comradery is ongoing, and family is valued.


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