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Mick Jagger, 1975 [147] Andy Warhol

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Signature: Signed by Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol in the print.
Edition: Unnumb./c.3,000
Medium: Offset Lithography
Year: Based on a silkscreen from 1975
36 1/4h x 30 1/2w in. framed
Price: $3,495
Inventory Name: AWL0822L03

Andy Warhol “Mick Jagger, 1975”; In a portrait as grand in scale as Mick Jagger's influence on rock and roll music, Andy Warhol creates a fabulously colorful and abstract work profiling his fellow friend, artist, and musician. It is a revealing, yet lighthearted portrait, showing Jagger in a pensive pose, with hands folded and brought up to his lips. However, dramatic use of Warhol's iconic color blocks scattered haphazardly throughout the composition echo Jagger's own approach to music, allowing us to envision his exciting and lively performances; coupled with his own public persona, celebrity status, and colorful personal life, this portrait can capture the essence of we, as the audience, view him. A combination of a pixilated photographic image combined with Warhol's own hand-drawn lines make way for the perfect melding of talents by both artists, Warhol seemingly creates a portrait of Jagger's folded hands with simple, curved lines while highlighting them in a mass color of grey. A single splash of bright marigold yellow adds life and vibrance to the overall image, helping to anchor our focus to meet Jagger's outwardly gaze.




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