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The Queen of the Butterflies Salvador Dalí

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Signature: Hand Numbered, Plated Signed.
Edition: MDCCCLXXXIX/MM (1889/2000)
Medium: Lithograph
Year: Based on the 1951 watercolor
32 7/8h x 28 1/4w in. framed
Price: $3,750
Inventory Name: DAL0922L01

Dali was both an art and science connoisseur. He held a particular fascination with the double helix, which appeared in many of his paintings, such as this lithograph - Queen of the Butterflies. Although the mere presence of DNA in Dali's paintings does not hold some deeper meaning, there was a logical reason that the helixes were included in this painting; Contrary to popular surrealism, the painting can be logically interpreted.  According to Dali and the Double Helix, written by Elena Guardiola and Joseph E. Banos of the Nature Publishing Company, Dali was interested in everything from quantum physics to the double helix.



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