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Egyptian Daisy's Design by Authority

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Signature: Butterfly insignia and initialed by the artist
Edition: 10/50
Medium: Digital Pigment Print on Paper
Year: 2019
28h x 35w in. framed
Price: $1,650
Inventory Name: DBA0220PP01_10

This statement print transports the viewer to the Valley of Egyptian Flowers where it is known that death comes early and life moves fast. The wonder women gather among the Egyptian canopic girls. The wonder women decide to change the Egyptian tradition of resurrection and come-up with a new approach. 
They tell the canopic girls; “What we choose to resurrect shall be by way of fasting, and so there is no need for you all to carry our organs when we die. We can empty out annually, good habits will come to us. All willpower and control comes back during fast, so no longer will you be assigned to carry our organs until resurrection day. We want our souls to grow rather then preserve our parts for the here-after. Don't be afraid to live in emptiness. Don’t fill your soul with parts”
The canopic girls chime in; “Know that the body nurtures your heroic spirit. It helps it grow then in falls apart, we hold this as truth. Then who and what will live inside us?”
The Wonder women ponder and tell the canopic girls to look to the daisy’s to find a new spiritual path with the deepest truth and widest perspective.



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