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Judgment of a Mortal Life Design by Authority

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Edition: 12 of 150
Medium: Lithograph
Year: 1948
Approx 21h x 40.5w in. framed
Price: $1,750
Inventory Name: DBA0918PP03_012

This statement print re-imagines the renaissance male and female archetype. The figures are superimposed onto a Mediterranean landscape. The tip of scale rises above the peak of the semi-arid jagged mountain. In a relationship between men and women, imagine that there is a scale that your standing on and that angels above blow their horn when you show a good deed to one another. It’s literally a balancing act based on the good deeds one can offer one another. How we balance out mutual respect is a choice. The more reasons for why a person wants to create a balance emerges from knowing what’s compelling about them -- what’s meaningful in your connection and the importance you give to them. The bigger the ‘why’ the easier the ‘how’ gets. Men and Women are always on the scale and it’s how we leverage our personal and political power in order to coexist in harmony that matters. The goal is to create balance with our other half in life.



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