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Are you part of a Non-Profit, a PTSA group, a Booster Club, and you need an Auctioneer to to lead a fun, well-paced, laughter filled & entertaining agenda? Not to mention raise a TON of money for your cause? You’ve found it with Brian Trendler and LAF Tech! 

Brian's infectious humor, pacing, positivity, and engagement with his audiences has made him the popular go-to person when organizations needs to raise their game (not just raise the paddle)! Brian brings his unique mix of humor, improvisational fun, and industry-specific targeted crowd-work that’s a must for any event. Brian also has tons of references available upon request.

THIS IS A SPECIAL BizX offer. Brian's FEE for participating at your event is $1500 for the Auctioneer services.

This covers all of the actual event time needed, + the TIME it takes to help with planning stage calls prior to event, a run through as needed, travel/per diem & as much engagement that you need Brian for. He will never just show up for his role! You hire him, he's all in for the duration of all planning, advice, and more!

This is a perfect way to make your non-profit dollars work for you, and in your favor! Contact Brian today and let's get to fundraising!

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