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Episode® 500 Series SAT Speakers -Open Box

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These Episode® 500 Series SAT Speakers are bookshelf versions of the popular 500 Series Speakers, designed to provide room-filling performance in a compact package.

Heavy for a Reason

There's no shortcut to creating a rock-solid cabinet; it takes heavy materials like ½" MDF. And a rock-solid cabinet doesn't resonate and create unwanted distortion. So while the weight may be the first thing you notice about this speaker, it's the clear, dynamic sound that you'll remember.

Furniture-Quality Finish

A multi-layer painting and clear coat finish provide the ES-500-SAT with a rich, glass-like finish. Available in black or white, and combined with the modern aesthetics of the cabinet design, these attractive speakers compliment any décor.

Surprising Bass Response

Like all speakers in the ES-500 series, the ES-500-SAT utilizes an injection molded polypropylene woofer for quick, accurate bass. Low frequency response is further enhanced with a precision-tuned, tapered port. The net result of this work: Bass that has no right coming from such a small package.

Engineered for Performance

The goal of engineering is to produce a product that is greater than the sum of its parts. Outstanding driver voicing and a specifically engineered 2nd order crossover network ensure precise, responsive performance and separate the ES-500 from mass-produced alternatives.


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