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A Psychedelic Integration Meditation

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Psychedelic Integration is an ESSENTIAL part of your journey.  Integration involves taking the lessons and insights gained from your psychedelic experience and applying them meaningfully to your everyday life. It encompasses reflection on your journey, identification of the acquired insights, and finding ways to incorporate them into your daily routine. A dedicated meditation, tailored specifically for psychedelic integration, can play a crucial role in comprehending and utilizing the psychological impact of your experiences.

Psychedelic encounters often elicit intense and profound emotions, thoughts, and insights that can be challenging to fully process and integrate into your daily existence. In this regard, a psychedelic integration meditation proves valuable by offering a space for reflection on your journey, establishing a connection with any emotions that may have arisen, and setting intentions for how you intend to integrate your newfound knowledge into your life moving forward. It can also serve as a means to relax and ground yourself after the intense nature of a psychedelic experience.

Duration of meditation: 23 minutes.


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