Public Address System

MIXER RACK includes - Mackie 1604-VLZ3, DBX 1074 Quad Gate, DBX 166XL Compressor, Lexicon MX200 Effects processor, DBX 2231 EQs (3), Monster Power Pro 2500, Road Runner Rack, Dynex CD Player AMP RACK includes - DBX Driverack PA, QSC PLX 3102 (2), QSC PLX 3602, Furman PS Pro Series III, SKB Rack 12 Space SRX 715 - two included SRX 718 - two included MRX 512 M EV ZLX 12P - two included Snake 100' livewire Tascam dp 24sd - digital mixer / recorder Misc items included, microphones and stands, XLR Cables, Speaker Cables, JBL Speaker poles with bags, JBL Speaker covers, Shure Wireless Mic Blx4R