Ni-Cd Battery Powered On Road RC Toy Formula Car, Blue 1/10 Scale

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1/10 Scale 27Mhz On Road RC Toy Formula Car. Suitable for indoor and outdoor control. High Speed of 20 Km/hr (12 Mph). Remote distance about 20 meters (65 Feet). Function: Forward,Backward,Turn left,Turn right. Frequency: 27MHZ Car battery: Ni-Cd 600 mAH 7.2V (included). Transmitter battery: 9V (not included). 1/10 Scale 27Mhz, Ni-Cd Battery Powered On Road RC Formula Car. Model: RCC189111F. Color: Blue. Remote controlled vehicles/toys have been around for many years and they are always fun to play with or entertain others, does not matter if you are a kid or you are old, toys like this will always be around for fun, entertainment or learning purposes.

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