LipoMelt Body Sculpting

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Have you tried Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy? This service is great for anyone wanting help with body sculpting and shedding stubborn inches. RLT is clinically proven to help with hair regrowth, pain and inflammation, promote faster wound healing, and improve collagen production. It also improves skin tone, texture, and fat cell reduction.

RLT is painless, non-invasive, and there is no down time. Most clients nap during their 20-minute session.

Check out any of our 5 western WA locations for a free consult to see if RLT is a good fit for you!

Testimonials: "I love this place! The ladies are awesome and the service great!! Highly recommend! I am highly satisfied. I lost over 9 inches total. The staff there is fantastic and the whole experience was very positive. I'll be back!"

*The LipoMelt treatment is a 100% non-invasive & safe alternative to liposuction. It does not cause any bruising or scarring. Clients will see a reduction of inches on their very first session. Best results are achieved with multiple sessions during a few weeks time period. LipoMelt can be used on its own or to amplify results of the Ideal Protein Protocol.

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